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"As a fifteen year fundraising professional and now executive director, I come to the table with high expectations and demands of fundraising consultants. I can honestly say that DSNE exceeded my expectations and delivered more value and ROI than I had predicted. As an ED, it is impossible to get to everything and DSNE became my partner in fundraising. They jumpstarted our major gift fundraising initiative here at Alzheimer's Services from the policies and operational procedures to the strategy development, donor research, staff training, and staff mentoring. My only regret is that I did not hire them sooner in my tenure. Without reservations, I highly recommend the great team at DSNE."

–Alisa Galazzi, ED, Alzheimer's Services


"DSNE has created an excellent plan for our capital campaign and has been central to training, supporting and energizing our volunteers. This project could not have proceeded beyond the first wave of our efforts, if it hadn't been for the persistent and professional help from DSNE that has urged us forward. The DSNE team did not just provide us with campaign counsel, but they rolled up their sleeves and did all the work alongside us."

–Carol Wall, Capital Campaign, Chair
Brewster Meeting House Preservation Project


 "DSNE is teaching Gosnold's staff and board how to build a philanthropic culture throughout our organization."

–Ray Tamasi, President/CEO Gosnold on Cape Cod


"DSNE has provided Housing Assistance Corporation with the tools, knowledge and experience to build a strong Major Gifts Program."

–Rick Presbrey, President/CEO HAC


"DSNE has taught the Association to Preserve Cape Cod more about itself in the five months than we have learned in 39 years."

–Alan McClennen, Jr., Association to Preserve Cape Cod


"Recently IFAW took on the challenge of merging with the Cape Cod Stranding Network. Merging with CCSN didn't just mean taking on new employees and expanding IFAW's work with marine mammals on Cape Cod. It also meant integrating business systems, marketing and fundraising efforts, and a group of more than 350 dedicated volunteers. DSNE helped guide us through that process with enormous skill, patience, and expertise. IFAW leaned heavily on DSNE to make the merger a smooth transition."

-A.J. Cady, International Fund for Animal Welfare


"Development Solutions is the perfect solution to our small non-profit organization's fundraising needs. Through their skilled team of development professionals, they are able to accomplish much more than the traditional, single development consultant. It's like having our own fully-staffed development department - at a fraction of the cost! I highly recommend Development Solutions of New England."

-Kathryn A. Zagzebski, National Marine Life Center


"DSNE's range and quality of services is impressive. If your organization has a tough problem they clearly have the talent and professional skill to solve it."

-Bob Ciolek, Highlands Center, Inc.


"DSNE has provided excellent support and expert guidance on our ongoing Capital Grants Campaign. From foundation research and qualification to practical help in the preparation of applications, with their assistance we secured a major grant with our first proposal. They definitely saved us a lot time and effort, and quickly brought us far closer to our fundraising goal."

-John Clese, YMCA of Martha's Vineyard


Undertaking fundraising on a major scale was new to our school community. Working with DSNE to develop a capital campaign feasibility study has given us the framework, the confidence and the perspective to move forward with a successful capital campaign.

–Carole Ridley, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School